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We started our NGO in 2000 with the goal to support migrant workers in Korea that face discrimination due to race. It wasn't uncommon for there to be cases of unpaid wages, illegal severance payments, and unfair contracts to workers with little experience and background in Korea. Due to this, we started the Pyong Taek Migrant Welfare Centre which would house workers without places to stay or go and educate them with skills essential to join Korean society.

Since our formation, we have started countless projects such as NEKO Happy Dream, Global Star, the Korean Language School, Medical Check ups, Agriculture Support, Cross Cultural Collaboration Conventions but we the problems that existed a decade ago still are prevalent today.

Our goal is to create an equal society for both migrants and natives by safeguarding and further the human rights of immigrants workers.

NEKO Happy Dream is our first project abroad to help people originating from less fortunate backgrounds by supporting their family life back at home. In our time helping countless people who have chosen to migrate to Korea, we realized a substantial portion originated from Nepal, which led us to open a branch in Kathmandu to tackle the fundamental issues.

We set up in Kathmandu in 2012, and since, we have been working in tandem with Nepalese members who themselves, have experienced working abroad.

Currently, in Nepal, we run various projects to try and raise the standards of daily living. One of our ongoing projects is running a language school to help aspiring workers adapt into Korean Society by teaching cultural norms, language, as well as supporting those with individual circumstances. We currently have a literary teacher who personally teaches countless local students as well as helping those who aspire to take the Korean Language Aptitude Test, which is essential to require a working permit.

Another one of our ongoing projects is helping develop agricultural practices in Nepal. We currently manage farms run by Nepalese locals, to grow Korean Pepper and Chili, as well as breeding poultry. Through this, we cater to an international market and aim to procure more types of fresh produce in our farms

We also took measure during the Nepalese Earthquake in 2015 where thousands of people were killed due to calamity and landslides. We immediately took a front line approach in distributing medical supplies and necessary filters to the rural mountain villages not easily accessible by transportation and distributed living space and food to those swept by disaster. In this process, we supported ?? mountain villages, and to this day, we continue working to rebuild village schools reduced to rubble to make sure all children can garnish an education.
Global Star is a social enterprise with the sole goal of nurturing a multicultural society within Korea. We aim to foster cross cultural collaboration through the joint effort of migrants and locals in business endeavours, and hope to spread this mindset outwards into Korean Culture.

We started our business in 2016, through the hardwork of our staff from many diverse backgrounds, and we cater Traditional Korean Rice Crackers and clothes to locals.

Our store is located in PyongTaek and we also run an online store to sell healthy and unique delicacies across the country.

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PyongTaek Migrant Welfare Center

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NEKO Happy Dream

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